20 baby names that are inspired by nature






  • Asteria: Greek word meaning “star” from the Greek language. Asteria, or Astraea/Astraia as it is Anglicized, is the goddess of justice (or innocence) and Asteria. This name is appropriate for babies born between late August and early September, as she became the constellation Virgo.
  • Autumn is the most-loved season name right now. Jennifer Love Hewitt gave her daughter the name Autumn James.
  • Blossom: An English word meaning “to bloom”, and is of English origin. Some parents are reconsidering the names of old flowers like Blossom and Flora now that most have been taken from the garden.
  • Dove: This bird name is of English origin and it’s associated with the sound of love. It is soft and gentle, with the association to peace.
  • Evening: For centuries, people have called Evening Morning and Evening.
  • Lilac: It is a combination of Persian and English origins. It can be used to denote the colour (providing a pre-made nursery theme) and the flower. It also represents first love.
  • Petal: It is of Greek origin and means “leaf”. It is a simple, yet elegant name that has a distinct style. Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef, named his daughter Petal Bloom Rainbow in 2009.
  • Parents-to-be are becoming more attracted to Saffron and other spice names like Sage, Juniper and Clove.
  • Swan: An English-born bird, this Swan joins the ranks of unique and popular bird names like Lark and Wren.
  • Willow: An English name, named after the Willow tree. Willow is often associated with elegance, grace, strength and magic.

Names for boys inspired by nature

  • Ash: An English name for Ash, named after the Ash tree. You can also call it Ashton or Asher.
  • Bear: This name is of English origin and it’s part a trend that normalizes aggressive animals such as Fox and Wolf. Perhaps inspired by Bear Grylls in Britain, several celebrities have used the name including Jamie Oliver, Alicia Silverstone and Kate Winslet.
  • Birch: This tree is of English origin and recalls the image that birch trees are tall, strong and graceful. In many cultures, it also has a spiritual significance.
  • Crane: An English surname, this elegant name has the potential to be a distinctive first name. It can also go well with other chic bird names like Lark and Wren.
  • Dune: This unique name may be popular with Beach and Ocean for families who love sun, sand and surf.
  • Forrest: An English name meaning ‘dweller near woods’. It was one of the first appealing outdoor names. However, popularity declined after the release of ‘Forrest Gump’ but has been steadily growing in popularity.
  • Hawk: The popularity of animal names is on the rise, particularly the more aggressive, and Hawk is one example. It is often used as a surname but could soon be adopted as a first or middle name.
  • Leaf: The Scandnavian Leif’s nature boy version, which actually means “heir”. Leaf was the former name for the actor Joaquin Phoenix.
  • Starling: This bird name has a good potential for nicknames and is only given to a few boys and girls each year in the USA.
  • Thorne: An English variation of Thorne. It is a variant of Thorne and means ‘thorn thicket.
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