7 Tips for Buying Baby Shoes






7 Tips for Buying Baby Shoes

Dr. Kapadia, a father to three daughters, knows that shopping for baby shoes can be daunting. You want your child to feel confident and secure in their new shoes. Dr. Kapadia from Quakerbridge Pediatrics offers 7 tips to help parents choose the right shoes for their child.

  • Shoes made from stiff leather may hinder your child’s ability to develop their feet. Choose a shoe made of light, breathable materials such as cloth or leather.
  • Make sure you get the right fit You should not buy your child’s next pair without them being there. You should always try on a pair of shoes for your child, and make sure they stand up. Your child should be able squeeze their pinky finger between the heel and the back of the shoes. There should also be enough space between the longest toe of your child and the front of the shoe. You should ensure your child has enough room to walk, but don’t buy shoes that are too big. Your child may trip or fall if the shoe is too large.
  • You can shop for shoes later in the day or in the afternoon. The feet of your baby will grow to a greater size by the end the day. Your child may find that shoes that seem perfect in the morning are too small.
  • When buying soft shoes, use the squeeze test. When your child is wearing new shoes, squeeze the top of each shoe to pull some material off the top of his or her foot. The shoes might be too tight for your child if you can’t grip the top of them.
  • You should be watching out for any problems in your child’s feet. Baby shoes should be worn for a short time to get used to the material. After allowing your child to try the shoes out in your home, take them off and inspect your child’s feet for any irritations.
  • To increase safety, make sure you choose the right soles. You should purchase shoes that have flexible soles to ensure your child’s safety when they start walking. To give your mobile toddler the best start in walking, good traction is a must!
  • You will need to decide if your child should have his new shoes fastened with Velcro or traditional shoe laces. Velcro is easier to use to put on and take off your child’s shoes. However, it can cause problems if your child learns to undo Velcro closures and takes off your shoes when they don’t want to. Shoes with traditional laces should be long enough to secure your child’s feet and double-knot them.

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