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Expectant parents often respond to the question “We don’t care, so long as it’s healthy.” Some babies will have ongoing health issues, while others may get sick occasionally. These are some ways to help your baby be as healthy and happy as possible.

Saying no

You should have stopped using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. Don’t fall for the temptation to relapse into these habits. You and your baby will both benefit from an addiction-free lifestyle. Talk to your doctor if you think you might need assistance. A reader shared her inspiring story about how she recovered from drug addiction as a parent.

Smoke is everywhere

Babies are most likely to suffer from the adverse effects of secondhand smoke. Smoking can also pose a risk to your baby’s health, including the possibility of developing lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. Smokers smoke to relieve stress. Giving up smoking can cause more stress. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to discuss possible cessation options. Learn more about the dangers of smoking with babies.


Breastfeeding is the best option. Our experts recommend that you breastfeed immediately and wait up to 6 months before you introduce solids. Breast milk is rich in (healthy) fats, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. Learn all about breastmilk ingredients and the immunological benefits of nursing.

Solid as a rock

Introduce fruits and yellow vegetables to your baby when he is eating solid food. Avoid unhealthy additives and eat healthy, wholesome foods. Coconut, dates, honey, and nuts are all known to increase resistance to diseases. You can find a lot of information about how to boost your baby’s immunity through nutrition.

Fresh air!

Exercise is good for your body and mind. It has been shown to reduce stress. Your baby and you will be happier and healthier if you share nature together. Schedule daily walks, and create a routine that works for you. Many classes for moms and babies are also designed to include young children.

Not paranoia, but caution

When it comes to visiting, use your judgement. Ask them to wash their hands before they hold your baby. If they’re clearly ill (they have a runny or coughing nose), gently suggest a different day to visit. If your baby has younger siblings, encourage hand washing and good hygiene.

Do not take too many antibiotics

Instead of asking your doctor or paediatrician for antibiotics, inquire if the antibiotic is needed. Many times, anxious parents ask their doctor to not prescribe antibiotics. This can lead to antibiotic resistance.


When it comes to fighting infections and boosting immunity, sleep is crucial. Babies and their parents need plenty of sleep. Make sure they get enough sleep every night. Parents don’t always get enough sleep, as with newborns. However, don’t make it worse by staying up late.

Your baby will get sick no matter what precautions you take. Ask your community to recommend a trusted paediatrician that will provide the best care and advice for your child.

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