8. Tips for Cleaning Kids’ Clothes






1. Use a bib. Children under the age of two and children younger than three years old should have bibs when eating. There are many types of bibs available. A bib with a pocket is a good option if your child is likely to eat a lot.

2. You can eat at a table or in a high chair. As long as you can, keep them in a booster or high chair. You should also eat messy snacks at a table or in a high-chair. I can remember a few instances where I shared my food in the living room with my toddler. I was eventually frustrated when my toddler drank on the carpet and soiled himself. Even though I was very careful, I should have known that young children and food can be dangerous.

3. Properly sit at the table. As much as possible, push the chair in so that there is no space between you and the table. The child should be seated on their stomach with their legs extended in front and their feet flat on the ground. You should teach them to eat above their plate.

4. Wearing white is not a good idea. White clothes, no matter how cute they are or the variety of styles available, are not recommended for children under five years old. White is not able to hide dirt and stains, and it can be difficult to clean. Serve white food to your child or baby if they are wearing it. If your child is wearing white, I recommend that you avoid spaghetti and meatballs.

5. Wear dark or old clothes. When your child is outside, or performing any other messy activities, dress them in dark or vintage clothes. This includes painting, other art, bubbles and playdoh. If I’m going to give my child food that has stains, or I have seen stain their clothes before I ask them to wear dark or old clothes. My kids’ clothes are stained by mac n cheese, which is hard for me to remove. They always spill a few noodles. They will only eat mac n cheese if they’re wearing dark clothes or older clothes.

5.If you’re at home, make sure to take off their shirt (and possibly pants) if they eat something messy. This will help keep them clean. On nights when they need to bathe, I make sure that I have something messy for dinner. Then I let them take the tub right into their mouths. Finally, I make sure my children eat their breakfast before getting dressed. This ensures that any spillages do not get on their clothes for the day.

6. As soon as you notice a stain, take care to remove it as quickly as possible. Treat and handle any stain that your child has. Every day, I check my toddler’s clothes. If I find a stain that is not easily removed, I treat it immediately. If not, I will do it the next day. Because if the stain sits or is washed without pretreating, it can be more difficult to get rid of.

7. Use a stain removal product. Use a stain removal product to clean the affected area. Try rubbing the stain in different directions if it doesn’t seem to be subsiding. I use dreft for baby/toddler stains. Shout is my preferred choice for school-aged children and adults. The timing of application is more important than the brand.

8. After applying stain remover, soak the garment. If the stain is particularly stubborn, soak it in water for several hours to several days. A washer with a basket at the top is perfect for soaking a few items. This was a reason why we bought it four years ago when we had a baby. Now that we have 2 children, it is used a lot. A small sink is located in our laundry room, which we use to soak the items. If there is a stain on the clothes, I have repeated the application of stain remover/soaking cycle 2 or 3 times until it has lifted.

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