ADHD Parenting Tips: Do’s and don’ts






ADHD Parenting Tips

It’s not easy to raise a child with ADHD. Depending on the severity and type of ADHD symptoms, it can be difficult to maintain normal household rules and routines. You will need to find different ways of raising your child. Although it can be frustrating to deal with ADHD symptoms in your child, there are many ways to make things easier.

Children with ADHD are different from other children in terms of their brain function. Parents need to accept this fact. Children with ADHD can still learn the rules and acceptable behavior, but they are more likely to be impulsive.

Behavior management principles

Behavior management therapy is based on two principles. Positive reinforcement is the first principle of behavior management therapy. It encourages and rewards good behavior (positive reinforcement). The second is to remove rewards and follow bad behavior with appropriate consequences. This will lead to the extinguishment of bad behavior (punishment in behaviorist terms). By establishing clear consequences and rules, you can help your child understand that actions have consequences. These principles should be applied in all areas of a child’s life. This includes at home, school, and social situations.

You can decide ahead of time what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable.

The goal of behavior modification is to teach your child to consider the consequences of a decision and to control their impulses to take action. The parent must show empathy, patience and affection. The parents must decide what behaviors they will tolerate. These guidelines are essential. It is detrimental to the child’s development to punish a behavior and then allow it to continue. Certain behaviors, such as physical outbursts or refusal to get up each morning, should be considered unacceptable.

Define the rules but allow for some flexibility

While it is important to reward positive behaviors and discourage those that are not, you should not be too strict. Children with ADHD might not be able to adapt to change as easily as other children. It is important to learn to let your child make mistakes and learn from them. Acceptance of odd behaviors that aren’t harmful to your child and others should be part of your child’s personality. It is harmful to encourage a child’s eccentric behaviors simply because they seem unusual.

Manage aggression

ADHD children can have aggressive outbursts that are common. Time-out is a great way to calm your ADHD child. Your child should not be allowed to act out in public. They must be removed from the scene in a calm, determined manner. As a way to calm down and reflect on the behavior, the child should be told that “Time-out” is an option. Mildly disruptive behavior should be ignored in order to help your child release their pent-up energy. But, you should always punish any destructive, abusive or disruptive behavior that goes against your rules.

ADHD: Other ways to cope

  • Structure

Establish a daily routine for your child that you will follow every day. Establish routines for meals, homework, bedtime, and playtime. You can give your child structure by completing simple daily tasks like putting on his or her clothes the next day.

Break tasks into manageable pieces

To remind your child of their responsibilities, you can use a large wall calendar. Your child will be less likely to become overwhelmed by everyday tasks and school assignments if they are assigned color code chores or homework. Break down morning routines into smaller tasks.

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