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Hey peeps this article will likely probably be a LONG one, about My current Dior backstage purchases. I have been hearing a good deal about the Backstage product releases and I have done swatches of these at Sephora (hyperlinks into the swatches are under ), but I have never buys one before ow. And BAMthey published their liquid highlighter and that I knew I simply had to own it. I have always adored their beauty dior Glow Mazimizer and that I felt like that might be a fantastic substitute for it.

I also love the Neutral eyeshadow palette and Their most recent highlighter palette, so that I purchased all of them throughout the sale. Yay!First upward is your Face and Body Glow: Universal multi-use highlighter – natural shine – watertight & sweat-resistant. Beauty dior has generated its initial expert cosmetics line: a group of cosmetics artist staples inspired by the power backstage in the runway shows. Colours to match all skin tones in flexible, buildable textures.

Face & Body liquid highlighter is your beauty diorMakeup artists’ secret weapon to get a subtly luminous makeup and complexion appears from organic to daring.


Concentrated in nice, pearlescent pigments, Face & Body Glow subtly illuminates the complexion to get an immediate radiance increase, blurring little imperfections without a glittery impact and diffusing light.

Its mild, non-greasy texture Provides a buildable Glow from organic to luminous, and may be implemented both on the body and face.

I Believe the description essentially says it There is no need for me to elaborate much.Honestly, initially I believed that was a liquid highlighter, but maybe not very. It’s an extremely watery consistency that’s excellent for placing onto my entire body. The shimmers are extremely very nice (no balls whatsoever ), and it is a hot rosy champagne colour that will suit anybody. I believe that this is ideal for mixing with base and also for slapping it on your own body for the shore! It melts fast and does not leave a greasy residue (such as a few glistening body oils). In addition, it reminds me of the older beauty dior Glow Maximizer(that I beg they’ll bring back), however using a more watery feel. I Believe that this Is a Good substitute for that.Next is your Face and Body Primer,

Frankly I thought that was so-so, a primer which Works as promised, but nothing wow-ing. Good but not fantastic.

Here is the brand’s description: “Beauty dior has Made its first expert cosmetics line, an assortment of makeup artist principles, motivated by the power backstage in the runway shows. Colors to match all skin tones in exclusive* and buildable textures.

The Face & Body Primer is your beauty dior makeup Artists’ secret weapon for producing an instantly perfect complexion: pits are fuzzy, the complexion looks brighter, plumper and more . Foundation grip is enhanced. ”“Eyeshadow Colour – high-pigment – customizable & multi-finish – primer, shadows, shimmer topper, shadow-to-liner gel”The beauty dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette includes:

  1. An eyeshadow primer
  2. A shadow-to-eyeliner changing gel
  3. A metallic gold eyeshadow topper
  4. Five shimmer eyeshadows
  5. A high-pigment matte e

Four brilliant shades – trendy silver, taupe, hot Orange and bronze – are matched by a matte black, a glowy white highlighter along with a glittery gold eyeshadow topper.

From both remaining strands, two fundamentals for an More personalised eye appearance: a expert primer for greater eyeshadow adherence and greater colour pay-off, and a gel which transforms eyeshadow to eyeliner.And believe it or not, this is actually my first ever beauty dior eyeshadow colour! I understand its hard to think right? So bizarre.

I Really like That it’s really flexible, with matte And shimmer and glitters and it included two primer racks (but they won’t last long). The routine in the shadows is so lavish and it broke my heart to watch them. I believe that the shades are quite simple to use and the situation is light and slim enough to bring vacations. I enjoy the cream colored primer, so I think that it’s a fantastic foundation and is extremely easy to use, despite palms.

However, the apparent colored pan does nothing For me at all. It is supposed to modify the shadows to some lining, but I have not been effective on doing this just yet. In addition, I don’t intend to utilise the shadows as baits either (I use a real liner for liner duh). So I am gonna bypass this component. “Professional functionality – pure warmth, blendable – highlights & blushes

Beauty dior has generated its first professional cosmetics Line, an assortment of makeup artist principles, motivated by the power backstage in the runway shows. Colors to match all skin tones in distinctive * and buildable textures.

The Glow Face Palette is your beauty dior makeup Artists’ secret for incorporating immediate radiance to any appearance, by a natural healthier glow into an extreme luminosity.

This fresh balance of four initial colours suits Every design and skin tone: a shimmering peach, a bronze with holographic accents, a golden and a pearly white with maxi glitter.” Each of the colours are extremely wearable and I really like the pearly warmth glow it provides. I really don’t believe my photos does that palette justice in any way. I totally adore this palette!

And like the backstage eyeshadow palette, This highlight palette can also be light and slim enough for travelling too. The packaging is made of vinyl, but it does not feel flimsy in any way. Rather, It appears more powerful than other plastic colours I have seen.

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