How do I choose shoes for my baby?






How do I choose shoes for my baby?

You will only need to provide socks or boots for your baby before she can walk. She will need shoes for her little toes shoes for my baby once she walks outside. Brittany Ferri (Ph.D.), licensed occupational therapist, recommends non-skid or rubber soles when shopping for baby shoes. They will offer stability and support as your child learns to walk.

What are the best baby walking shoes?

The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends that you do not need shoes indoors for your baby when he or she is learning to walk. Dr. Ferri suggests that lightweight shoes be chosen, as they are the most comfortable for babies.

How to pick the best baby shoes

Keep an eye out for these criteria from the American Academy of Pediatrics when you are shopping for baby walking shoes:

Nonslip, flexible soles. AAP recommends that babies’ first shoes be closed-toed so they are comfortable to walk in.

Measure your child’s foot and ensure that they are comfortable.

No special features are required. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies wear sneakers with no inserts, wedges, or arches. These shoes are not necessary and can make it more difficult for them to walk.

How do I keep my baby’s shoes on?

Infants love to kick off their shoes. Older babies might try to take the shoes off. These are some ways to make sure your baby has shoes.

Check that it fits. Dr. Ferri says that your hand should be used to press down on the shoe’s top and feel for the big one. “A few inches of room will be needed for the toes. However, the shoe should not be too loose.

Choose shoes that are adjustable to your baby’s foot. If your baby loses shoes often, snaps, Velcro, elastic ankle bands, and Velcro can all be useful features.

Look for a pair your baby will like. You can try a lot of different styles if she tries to take off her shoes. You might be able to find one that she loves.

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