The Way Nikita “Dragun Beauty” a trans Girl schooled 






Victoria’s Secret & started her own makeup line

Nikita Dragun is not just the trans lady and Founder behind Dragun Beauty, a decorative line especially for the southern community and many others. Even the Los Angeles-based YouTube and Instagram celebrity turned CEO has proven the beauty business that disturbs women do not simply dress and look adorable

They could score big-name manufacturer bargains, and create exceptional business and advertising opportunities for makeup and make big firms like Victoria’s Secret comprehend that a trans woman’s true beauty.

The way Nikita Dragun went out of a closeted trans Lady in high school to creating new copes with important cosmetic lines

Nikita Dragun was created in 1996 in Springfield, Virginia. During elementary school, she would occasionally wear a dress and look adorable. However, if a teacher disapproved and telephoned her parents, Dragun determined it was too insecure for”boys” to wear a dress and look adorable. “I knew I was different and there were certain items I couldn’t reveal or I would be teased,” she said.By time she reached high school, Dragun states,”I used to be the most female homosexual guy [in high school], so I’d dress in tight jeans, lashes, and a tiny handbag, etc..

Folks just accepted me.” After high school, she states she had been accepted to NYU on a complete scholarship, but she did not go. She finally got the guts to wear a dress and look adorable again, scored a bogus ID, changed her title to Nicole, started hitting Washington D.C. pubs and realized how nicely she handed as a girl In 2013, Nikita Dragun started a YouTube station for cosmetics tutorials and started getting small brand copes with cosmetics businesses.

Inspired by those new brand deals, She chose to move to Los Angeles to find a degree in business and advertising for makeup in the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM).

In Los Angeles, she”chose to Begin Shooting Instagram and YouTube severely” — her FIDM courses even analyzed some of her movies without realizing she had been a pupil. Back in December 2015, Nikita Dragun came out as a lady inside her most-watched movie up to now. “I started being frank and recorded my trip,” such as surgeries,” she explained. “It was actually out of frustration. I wished to transition, and that I had all the questions, and could not find answers everywhere online.”

The Way Nikita Dragun schooled Victoria’s Secret and Started her exceptional Los Angeles cosmetics industry

In November 2018, when Victoria’s Secret’s main Advertising officer Ed Razek said the corporation wouldn’t feature a lady or large-bodied versions in its own style shows because these women are not a part of anybody’s dreams, Nikita Dragun printed a video of herself”selling the dream” as a Victoria’s Secret angel. Her self-made Victoria’s Secret advertisement immediately went viral:Razek afterwards prevailed, and on August 1, 2019 Victoria’s Secret hired its first trans model, Brazilian version Valentina Sampaio.

Dragun reacted by stating she did not believe her movie caused Victoria’s Secret to alter, she only wanted to utilize her enormous social media after to”make a difference and stand up for my network!” She told her lovers to provide Victoria’s Secret another chance.After getting her degree in business and advertising for makeup, Dragun remained in Los Angeles. Rather than following other attractive influencers and using her social websites to market new deals for additional decorative lines, she found her own Dragun Beauty makeup line.

Dragun Beauty Introduced

In March 2019, Dragun Beauty introduced its first Two vegan, cruelty- and – paraben-free products packed in a purple”Dragon egg” whose style had been predicated upon the “cocoon-like” bandages out of her face feminization surgeries. Over 12 hours of launch, Dragun Beauty marketed its complete cosmetic line.One of their first two products from the Dragun Beauty decorative line was a”DragonHeart TRANSformation Powder” to assist hide facial stubble, eye bags and hyper-pigmentation in trans girls of colour. Nikita Dragun afterwards said that she believes most makeup lines exclude varied women like her and are quite”behind the times”

Nikita Dragun still resides in Los Angeles. Her Private Instagram has 5.8 million followers, her YouTube station has over 2.61 Million readers along with also her Twitter has 1.2 million followers — signs of The unbelievable influence Nikita Dragun has as a fresh all her own.

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