How to Master the Art of Gift-Giving






Gifting is more than just a physical exchange of items. It’s also a way to communicate with the receiver and send them a message. If you give thought to it and select a meaningful gift, you can make someone’s day.

Be kind by watching

The number one rule for meaningful gift-giving is observation. Those who are skilled in the art of observation pay close attention to what their loved ones and friends say about their interests. It is not uncommon for people to give you hints about their interests and likes, even when they are least expecting it. What would they prefer? Something practical or decorative? They would like something for their home or for themselves.

Give with your personality

It’s easy to give awkward gifts if you don’t think about who you are gifting to. Matching the gift to someone’s unique personality is a way to show that you care about them. People who are trend-setters might prefer gifts that are more traditional than those who are fitness enthusiasts. You might find a travel friend who likes a passport holder or leather bag, but a friend who enjoys entertaining might love new tableware.

Good luck is possible by giving

You want to wish the receiver luck and prosperity on many occasions such as a housewarming or graduation. A box of fortune cookies is not enough! You can tap into the myths, symbolism and luck associated with auspiciousness. Moonstone, agate and the owl are believed to bring good fortune and protection, while turquoise, perdot and the frog aid in healing.

Donate to a worthy cause

Everyone knows at least one impossible-to-shop-for person, for one reason or another: they’re either a minimalist who desires nothing more, or someone who already has everything. Frustrating, no?

It doesn’t have it to be. You can give them a gift that supports good causes or you can make a donation in your name to charity or cause that is close to your heart.

You can give by niche interest or hobby

You can also look into the hobbies of your relatives and friends to help you find the perfect gift. Perhaps they are a gardener or a wine enthusiast. It’s a great way for them to know you appreciate their uniqueness and are willing to give.

It is important to not overdo it. Everyone knows your friend loves elephants. There’s a good chance she already has a lot of elephant-themed stuff. To do something truly unique, you’ll need to think outside of the box.

Creatively give

Because you made unique gifts for your loved ones, they are special because it shows that you cared enough to put your energy and creativity into making them something. There are many options for DIY gifts. You can find inspiration almost anywhere. A box of handwritten notes or poems, coupon books, homemade baked goods, clothing, or even a beautiful box with nice words about your loved ones and the memories you have made together are all great places to start.

Astrology can help you give

It can be thoughtful to give according to the recipient’s astrological sign. This is especially true if your recipient has an interest in getting guidance from the stars. For example, a Libra friend might be able to appreciate fine jewelry or an alpaca sweater. A Virgo cousin, on the other hand, would prefer something more intellectual, such as a journal or chess set.

Gift by birthday

Gifting by birthday can be a fun way to give something different, even if it’s not the recipient’s special day. Wearing your birthstone can bring good luck, good health, prosperity and remind you how much you care about your loved one. Because each gemstone has a unique symbol meaning and may have healing properties, birthstone jewelry is special.

Give your time

You can make material things cluttering, depending on the recipient. However, almost everyone could benefit from a helping hand every now and again. You can offer to look after their children or dogs for the night, or even help with their next home improvement project. Do you have a unique talent such as a knack for setting up gadgets, or giving the perfect foot massage? Don’t forget to gift your expertise! Nothing says “I care” more than sharing your knowledge with others.

Make it an adventure

Non-material gifts that are great for adventure lovers include a membership to a local museum or state park, as well as a gift certificate. You can give an adventurous gift that includes a skydive, a class you both take, or a membership to a local park or museum. It all depends on the interests of your recipient.

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