Review of the Top 9 Best LEGO Elf Sets in 2022






Lego Elves combine the fun construction elements of basic toys with the magical inclusion of goblins and dragons. Each set comes with amazing contraptions like trap doors, stone-launching horses and secret passageways. Children will enjoy creating imaginative stories with each kit and showing their hard work.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your niece, sister or little girl? This LEGO Elves collection is the perfect choice for you! Lego is the king among blocks.

Review of the 9 Best LEGO Elf Sets

1. LEGO 6212146 Elves Aira & The Song of The Wind Dragon

To help Aira, Lumia and the Guardian Wind Dragon face the shadow bat, you need to tap into the magic of the inner. This LEGO(r) Elves LEGO toy is great for boys and girls. It includes a fully posable, buildable end Dragon with translucent wings and distance for 2 mini-dolls.

This group includes a bat aircraft with shooting function and turning propellers, as well as a floating island college with an opening entrance, hidden torso, and rotating signal. Included are 2 mini-dolls, as well as bat and bird characters.

2. LEGO Elves: The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack

LEGO(r) Elves 41196 Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack – Seek the magic within! This LEGO Elves set features a tree with three levels, hidden stairs and a waterfall tower. It also includes a forge with lever to use the Volcano Hammer. There is also a portal with goals that can be pulled down. This set also features a fully-posable bat character with opening jaw and moving wings, as well as 3 mini-doll characters. Keep figure, 2 bat characters, 2 spider characters.

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3. LEGO Elves Emily & Noctura Showdown

LEGO(r) Elves 41195 Emily & Noctura’s Showdown invites you to seek the magic within and confront evil. This set is a great choice for those who want to build a laboratory with the magical cauldron that can make a bat appear, as well as 2 hanging bat beds and two little nooks.

The LEGO Elves set includes a fully-posable LEGO wolf body, a carriage with flapping wings and two crossbow shooters, as well as an opening roof. Included are 2 mini-dolls, 2 bat figures, and a spider figure.

4. LEGO Elves Azari and The Fire Lion Capture

To help Azari and the Guardian Fire Lion face the shadow bats, you need to tap into the magic of the inner world. This LEGO(r) Elves-inspired building toy features a LEGO(r), movable magical fire lion, tail and wings that can be moved, as well as a jaw opening to create a mini doll figure.

A bat catch vehicle is available with an increasing chain rod, catapult, and detachable little glider. There’s also a small bat cave with an opening spiderweb doorway and two bat beds. Included are a mini-doll and 2 bat characters, as well as a spider figure.

5. LEGO 6212148 Elves Noctura’s Tower, and The Earth Fox Rescue

To help Farran escape the Guardian Earth Fox, you must seek the magic within. Then, Farran and her evil shadow bats will face Noctura. This LEGO(r) Elves-inspired playset features a fully posable, buildable ground Fox with an opening chin, movable legs, translucent, and head-tail. It also includes a 2-level tower with translucent bat wings, moving heads, a spiderweb trap/door and disk shooter. There is space for your 4 Elemental’diamonds and other accessories. Included are 2 mini-dolls and two bat quantities.

6. LEGO Elves The Elves Treetop Hideaway

Emily Jones invites you to explore the magical world of LEGO(r) Elves. She suddenly discovers she is transported to a Treetop Hideaway in a new universe when she wanders through her grandma’s garden. Emily begins to explore the surrounding area with her because she discovers she is not in this world anymore. She matches Azari Firedancer and Farran Leaveshade, the Fire and Earth Elves.

Farran will make Farran climb the magical ladder to reveal Farran’s extraordinary home. While Emily prepares carrot soup over the fire, Emily explains to them that she would like to return home and the Elves promise to assist her.

To help Farran’s panther cub Enki, send some food up into the treehouse using the magical bucket elevator. Emily will also need their assistance! Included are 3 mini-doll characters, Emily Jones, Azari Feuerdancer, and Farran Leafshade. Also Enki, the panther cub.

7. LEGO Elves Naida and The Water Turtle Ambush

To help Naida protect the Elemental Guardian monster, you need to tap into the magic of the inside. This LEGO(r) Elves construction toys features a large, buildable water pit with legs and heads, distance to get an Elemental Guardian monster, and a small island with a disc-shooter and string shooter. Included are a mini-doll, turtle, fish, and bat figures.

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8. LEGO Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle

Naida, Aira and Ragana will be joining them on their journey to find the Magic Shadow Castle. Find Ragana making potions and help her find a way to get into the castle. Aira and Naida must outwit Ragana to get her locked up in the castle dungeon.

You can learn more about this castle but be aware of traps. Grab the unique and beautiful baby princess dragon egg to save Ragana!

9. LEGO Elves Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave Creative Toy

As they explore the Lava Cave, Emily Jones is joined by Azari Firedancer, the flame elf. Meet Zonya, the flame monster. Then use Azari’s magical fire abilities to enter the Lava Cave. Find the keymap, then roast a marshmallow on the campfire.

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Spend the night in the cave, tucked into the cozy moss beds. In the morning, combine Emily and Azari to Zonya’s back for an unforgettable trip!

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