These are the “Nest Baby” nests for keeping






These adorable little babies are probably what you’ve seen on Instagram. They’re tiny and cute, snuggled in a seed pod-shaped nest, looking as if they’re still in their womb. These are called Nest Baby or baby cocoons and they are used to keep babies close while they sleep, play, or rest. Although baby nests are loved by many, they can cause division.

When my son was small, the nest was something I loved. It allowed me to place him safely (excuse my pun) whenever I had my hands free. My nest was a great option for him. He didn’t like being in a pram or a carrier, but he loved being near me. Because they closely resemble the feeling of being in the mother’s womb, they are great for babies with separation anxiety. They also make it easier to carry your baby development around when you’re away from home, such as on a visit to Nanna or to the park for picnics. They can be used in this way and I think they are great. However, they should not replace a cot, bassinet, or crib.

Here are the top options for buying a nest

The DockATot is the most loved and well-known of all baby nests. It’s lightweight and portable, with a machine washable cover. It is firm and supportive, has an air-permeable surface, is made of non-toxic, nonflammable materials, and includes a zipper cover for transport. It was easily one of my best purchases for my newborn. It was used daily for approximately 8 months. It is easy to clean. It is very safe and well worth the money.”

Bubba Bump Baby Lounge

The ICONIC’s gorgeous lounger comes in two styles – retro sunflowers or soft and gentle gray – and has a carry handle to make it easy to transport. It converts from a lounger to a nest with its drawstring handles. The organic cotton fabric makes it super soft and comfortable for your baby to use.

Little Archer & Co. ™ Newborn Nest Baby

For the first few months of my son’s life, this was his portable bed. It was his portable bed for the first month of his life. I also used it to sleep with him on the couch, while I worked or rested. I also used it when we traveled for a week at two months. This allowed us to co-sleep safely since we didn’t have a travel crib. There are risks to co-sleeping. I think it is safe to say that there are some. However, this temporary option was safe and convenient for me. It had firm sides and breathable materials and was used only sparingly until my son started rolling. He was then able to get into his cot. The bed is lightweight and portable so it can be carried easily. It also works well for taking him to my grandparents or to sleep beside me while I read in the park.

Cocoonababy Ergonomic Nest Baby

Cocoonababy loungers have a certain cult following. Cocoonababy loungers are loved by many, including me. They can be used to improve sleep quality by decreasing the likelihood that your regalo baby gate parts will wake up with a start. It also helps babies who have colic or reflux by keeping them safe while they sleep. You should not use them until your baby starts rolling. Once they start moving, it is dangerous to have them strapped in to anything. They should also be used only for supervised naps. One mum wrote that Cocoonababy was a great product. “My son was always acid refluxy, and this helped him settle. However, I only used it when he was asleep in the room with me, so it was never left unattended. It was great for me while it lasted. To keep your bub warm, you can buy quilted covers.

Nina Kids Nest BabyCoccoon

This Etsy version of the baby cocoon is also made from orthopedic foam. It comes with two removable covers, a waterproof cover and a cushion. It’s an excellent option if you are looking for something similar to the Cocoonababy, but at a lower price. “Super!!” raves one reviewer, “Best quality. Thank you so much! We are so grateful!

VIMATION Newborn Lounger

This newborn recliner is a great option and a very affordable one. It can be machine washed, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It can be used up to four months of age.

BIDI10 Baby Nest for Newborns

This design is rectangular rather than oval and features a removable cushion. It is machine washable and made of soft, breathable, hypoallergenic fabric. It has an adjustable tie so it can be used longer than other baby nests. This nest folds up easily and can be converted into a handy handbag wrecking.

Stella Rose Designs Baby Nest

This gorgeous baby nest is handcrafted in Australia. It comes in seven beautiful colours, or you can create your own design. They are secure and snug, and can be (cold) washed in a machine. “Exactly as shown! This is a gorgeous baby nest! It’s high quality, beautiful design, quick production, and easy shipping. Five stars, highly recommended,” one wrote.

Is it safe to use Nest Baby?

Although baby nests can be divisive, they can be safely used. There is no standard for baby nests in Australia, so it is safer to assume your nest can be used for play, tummy time, quiet time and occasional napping, but not as your baby’s primary sleeping area. Baby nests should not be left alone. They should only be placed on a stable surface, such as a cot, bassinet, or playpen. You can use a baby nest for up to four-to eight months. However, there are also portable sleeping spaces that can be used by toddlers once they are able and able to lift their heads up without risk of drowning.

What should I look for in a Nest Baby?

First and foremost, you need to ensure that they are safe. This means that the base should be made of breathable material and that there are no loose pieces that could pose a risk to their safety. Baby nests often have soft sides that are great for lounging or playing. However, they are not safe for SIDS. If you plan to use your nest for naptime, you will need to ensure that it is large enough for them to move around in, that the sides are firm, like on the “my small bed” option, and that you supervise the entire process. It’s best to buy a nest that can be machine business washed or has a removable cover, as there is a high chance of your baby having an accident.

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