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Parenting Today’s Teens provides biblical insight and practical wisdom to parents who want to have a deeper relationship. Mark Gregston spent his whole adult life working with parents and teens to provide hope and help in any kind of situation. Mark worked for Young Life for many years and was also a youth pastor. He also lived at a Christian camp that provided a refuge for troubled teens. Mark and Jan moved back to Texas twenty-four years ago to open Heartlight, a residential counseling facility for teens.

Over the years Mark has spent countless hours with more than 2,500 teens. He also developed materials for families to support their child’s teen years. Dr. Tim Kimmel said of Mark that he’s never met a teenage boy he didn’t believe in, or a parent he didn’t want to see succeed. He has a clear understanding of effective parenting. It is shaped by God’s grace, and seasoned with decades of experience.

Mark’s 38-years of experience working with teens and their families has given him the opportunity to share his wisdom and insight through books, seminars and retreats. Over 900 stations broadcast the daily radio program, while more than 750 outlets air the weekend topical program.

Mark’s wisdom and wit, shared through stories of his experiences with teens, provides biblical insight and practical guidance to those who listen. Parents who have had to deal with teens in their youth are able to share their experiences with them through written and spoken words.

Mark and Jan have been married 37 years. They have two children. Both are married, and they have three beautiful grandchildren. One son-in law, one daughter-inlaw and a lot of horses are also theirs.


Fire can be helpful when used in the right context. Fire can be used to heat a home, make s’mores and even signal rescuers if you are lost in the woods. If left unattended, even the smallest flame can quickly become a disaster that causes irreparable damage to homes and property.

It is difficult to deal with angered children without becoming angry. It takes time to teach teens how to express themselves properly. It starts with making an effort to use anger constructively and not destructively.

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