Party Games for the Ultimate Birthday Bash

Party Games for the Ultimate Birthday Bash
Party Games for the Ultimate Birthday Bash

A birthday party doesn’t matter how good the cake or the decorations are, it is only successful if the children have a great time. Party games are a great way to let kids have fun after eating cake! Grapevine offers a wide range of Treasure hunts that can be used combination with other ideas. There’s something for all. There are treasure and games hunts that children will enjoy and puzzles and quizzes for adults. There are also special products to celebrate holidays like Halloween, Christmas Easter, Summer, and Christmas.

These games are specifically designed for children aged 5-11 years old. These games are designed for children aged 5 to 11. They are able to handle more complicated and passionate games.

These party games are fun and easy to plan for your kids.

Animal Antics

This is a great way to get the party started. Whisper to each child a description of an animal. Have the children act out their animal on the count of three. To find their animal companion, the children must be able to walk, slither or swim in character.

This game can be paired with a visit to any local animal-themed children’s party place for the ultimate animal party.

Balloon Roundup

A room filled with balloons is the best way to celebrate a birthday. This game doesn’t involve balloon popping which can sometimes make it scary for children.

You can blow up many balloons and then release them in a room with a large cardboard box. Next, let the children try to empty the balloons from the box using only their fingers. You might be surprised at the creative strategies that these kids come up with!

A professional party planner can do the job for you if you don’t feel like popping all the balloons.

Suitcase Relay

For this crazy dress up game, make sure you have your camera handy! You can grab a variety of silly clothing items and costumes, such as wigs, sunglasses, overalls and jackets. Then, you can put them in two suitcases or overnight bags. Divide the children into two teams.

The music starts and the first person on each team goes to the suitcase. They put everything in, take it off, then run back to tag the next person. The winner is the team that has all its players finished.


Copycat is a circle-based game that allows kids to have a lot of fun. The children form a circle and the “guesser” leaves. The group chooses a leader to guide the group through the round. After the leader has been chosen, the guesser can come back to the center of the circle. Everyone begins by slapping their legs. If the guesser isn’t looking, the leader may change the action to clapping. The leader will change the action and everyone else must follow his lead.

The objective is to have the guesser try to identify the leader who initiated the changes. The rest of the children must try to keep it a secret.

You have a lot of creative options. Any movement, from robots to jazz hands, can be chosen by the leader!


This adult party game is a favorite of many, and the kid-friendly version is equally as fun! You can play it in groups or as a single player.

This age group should not be reciting movies, phrases, or other things. Instead, they should play with actions like brushing their teeth, swimming, dressing up, grocery shopping and fishing.

This game is great to play before or after taking your children to a Toronto children’s theatre to get them into the act.


How low can you go! This party classic is finally accessible to school-age children. It might be necessary to show your children the technique, which involves bending at the knees and leaning back as far as possible. And remind them to not touch the stick. You can alter the music or stick depending on the theme of your party.


This role-playing game can also be used to teach children how to balance. The “tour guide” is the one who closes their eyes. He or she starts counting, while the rest of them, the “statues,” run around. The tour guide calls “Statue!” when any number is beyond ten, which only the tour guide knows when.

All statues should be left in their original positions. However, they are able to move around or change their poses if the tour guides are not looking. The tour guide may try to make the statues smile or move. The tour guide can catch a statue moving and the statue will follow the guide around the museum. The tour guide for the next round is the last remaining statue.

Mummy Wrap

This team game is fast and easy to play. It also works well for Halloween parties.

Divide the children into two groups and give each one a roll toilet paper. Each team will choose one person to act as the “mummy”. The music will start and the kids will begin wrapping the mummy with toilet paper. The winner is the team that covers the mummy completely (leaving enough space for their nose and mouth)!

Bubble Wrap Race

Bubble wrap–need I say more? This is a great party game. Lay out six-foot strips of bubble wrap on a large roll. Each child should cross the bubble wrap barefoot. But they must not pop any bubbles. The competition can be made more interesting by having the children race to the other side of the bubble wrap. The team with the lowest number of bubbles will win!

It’s quite a tall order to ask children not to pop bubbles. They can celebrate their victory by dancing and stomping all around the bubble wrap!