The Best Mothering Advice You Will Ever Hear






There is plenty of information available on motherhood, beyond the “sleep when your baby sleeps” advice. We all can use some advice, no matter if we’re just starting out in motherhood or are juggling teenagers like bosses. Our readers, friends and editors were asked to share their best tips on motherhood. Continue scrolling for your daily dose of motherhood advice!

Enjoy the moment

  • “The years are not as long as the days. Heather R.
  • “Enjoy each moment, even the difficult.” -Johanna G.
  • “Never refuse a cuddle.” -Elizabeth W.

“Don’t worry about them growing, even though you may be sad that they are getting bigger. Enjoy them at every stage …”. -Sheila Z.

“You are enough.” -Sharlene H.

Raising Kids

  • “Be the woman that you want for your daughter when she grows up.” Mary S.
  • “Prepare your children for the road. Don’t prepare them for the road.” -Holly E.
  • “Babies cry. It’s okay” -Cicely Kusman

A third baby? “Don’t think too much honey, just throw another potato into the pot and keep going!” -Kendra S.

“The’smell and cool the soup’ method – When emotions are high from mom or children, remember to breathe. You can tell them to breathe in the soup and then cool it off. This is a simple, yet so important thing that has saved my life many times. -Ayren J.

Because Motherhood is Funny

  • “It’s okay to have cereal for dinner occasionally.” -Megan S.
  • “Don’t buy a purse that you don’t have the ability to use. -Tara Z.
  • Target doesn’t judge you if you are wearing pajamas mamma. It’s okay to rock it, girl! -LeAnne N.
  • “Never share your drink.” -Molly O.
  • “Park by the cart return. -Tami R.

“Don’t be worried about the terrible phase that your child is going through. It will end eventually and be replaced by something worse.” -Kelly H.

“Don’t ever load a dishwasher for another woman.” -Stephanie J.

One day at a time

“When you return home after a long day, touch the doorknob to let your children know you are happy to see them. -Edie G.

“Don’t worry about the little things. Believe me, as they age, they’ll regret not knowing how little that stuff was when they were younger. -Beth S.

  • Do what is necessary to get through the day. “Get in the pictures!” -Eva I.
  • “If the children are still alive at the end, it was a good morning.” -Sonnet G.
  • “If you don’t worry enough if you are a good mother, you will probably be doing fine.” -Whitney R.
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