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New babies can be a difficult task. Parents experience many emotions and a variety of emotions. Parents feel joy, frustrations, fatigue, and nervousness. It’s normal to feel mixed emotions about a newborn baby. Hello, my name is Lisa Damour and this is my Mini Parenting Mastersclass on how to improve your baby’s mental well-being.

I am about to become a parent. What can I expect regarding stress and emotions?

It is an enormous transition to become a parent. It will impact everything. It will change everything. One thing we do know about stress is the fact that it occurs when we need to adjust to new circumstances. It is not easy to adapt to a new baby. So expect stress. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is wrong. This is normal. It’s just a sign that you are getting used to being a parent. This will become easier over time.

What age should I begin to think about my child’s mental well-being?

From the first time you meet your child, it is important to start thinking about their mental health. Your child will always look up to you for safety, love, and learning. If you build a trusting relationship with your child, make sure they feel safe, support them when they are upset, and help them navigate the world, you will lay the foundation for a lifetime of mental well-being.

What does stress do to my child’s emotional development?

When babies feel scared or worried about someone forgetting them, or if they don’t get their needs met, there’s a stress response. As parents, our job is to help them calm down that stress response. Once the stress response is calmed down, all normal functions are resumed and your baby will learn that the world can be trusted and safe. Some babies do not learn this. Children are often in stressful situations, and don’t have the support they need to feel calm. Children who are experiencing stress in their lives and don’t have an adult to support them can lead to emotional problems later.

If I didn’t grow up with these things, how can I teach my child to love and show affection?

Parenting can be difficult. It is something that everyone must learn to do. It’s something we can do well with if our minds are set on it. There are so many things to be focused on when you become a parent. These are the key things that will make a big difference to your child’s life and help you be a steady, warm presence. This will give your baby everything they need to have a great start in their lives.

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