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A travel log is a document that contains the record of a traveler’s activities. It was initially used only for non-formal purposes, i.e. It was initially used by travelers to record their experiences. Many people and companies now keep a travel log to help them in their professional lives. A personal log is a great way to plan and record your trip. A log can be personalized by adding pictures or writing about yourself. A log for business or professional purposes helps in keeping track of travels and in creating an expense report to be reimbursed. Companies can use logs to compile a list of all expenses they have incurred during a particular period.

This article will provide templates, examples, as well as samples, of various types of travel logs that are used in daily life around the world.

Travel Log Examples & Templates

  1. Sample Travel Log

Organizations must keep accurate records of all trips made by employees using company vehicles. These records can be used to prevent misuse of the service as well as to keep track of expenses. This file shows the Motor Fleet Management Division Raleigh’s Log format for permanently assigned vehicles. This document is one page long and contains information about the person responsible for the vehicle, the agency supervisor, as well as other details about it. The log can be divided into three sections: Trip dates, office travel, mileage are all included in the log. You have enough space to record trip details for a whole month. To summarize the log, you can use the convenient calculation options at the bottom.

  1. Daily Travel Log Sample

A daily travel log is a sheet maintained by an individual to record details about the personal/professional trips. These logs are useful for keeping track of how much time and mileage traveled in a car. This PDF file contains a general template for a daily log and is free to download. The log can be divided into three sections: The log is divided into three sections: Mileage reading, mileage and purpose. This log is one-page and can accommodate travel data for a whole month.

  1. Vehicle 

This file shows an example of a vehicle log that was issued by the St. Louis Area Regional Response System. Owners of vehicles purchased through funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security must fill it out and submit it on a semi-annual basis. Before entering any information into the log, one must first enter basic details such as department, VIN Number, license number, and vehicle details. The log contains information such as the date of travel, operator, purpose of trip, destination, beginning and ending miles, gasoline purchased, miscellaneous remarks, and other details. This three-page blank log sheet is large enough to store travel details for the next 90 days.

  1. Log for College Supervisor Travel

Universities and colleges have a system for reimbursing student interns for travel expenses. Intern supervisors keep a close eye on these processes and record them to ensure transparency. This is an example of a student intern’s log. The information capturing log sheet can be divided into three sections: The information capturing log sheet is divided into three sections: Date, School Travelled To & From, and Mileage. Supervisors will find instructions at the bottom of the log to help them with the process for submitting a reimbursement request to the management. You can download the travel log to help you prepare a similar one.

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