The Types of Baby Mats: A Guide






We have many options as parents when we become a parent. There are many choices, from bottles and breastfeeding to strollers and car seats, so there is no shortage of options. This guide will help you choose the for more information right play mat for your baby. was founded in 2019as an online store for wholesale baby items of your first choice for top-quality, high-end items at affordable costs. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with top quality products and good service.

Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats are a great foundation for toddlers and babies just starting to explore the world. A puzzle mat can be placed on any flat surface. Your child will have hours of fun with their favorite toys. The Soft Foam Puzzle Mat provides a safe and soft environment for children to play.

The tactile pieces encourage early sensory interaction, and the pop-out puzzle shapes encourage play-with-me. Six 17.5×17.5 puzzle squares provide over 11 feet of play area.

Tummy Time Mats

Tummy Time is the time your baby spends in supervised, planned playtime on his or her stomach while awake. It is vital for your child’s development. It is important to select a mat that encourages Tummy Time play, as little ones may have trouble accepting the idea of Tummy Time.

The Peek & Play Tummy Time Activity Mat has a padded bolster pillow to provide perfect tummy support. It also includes plush play pals, a peek n’ view mirror and a large peek n see mirror that encourages reaching, lifting and grabbing. This mat is a great way to strengthen baby’s neck, arm, and stomach muscles.

Activity Gyms

An activity gym is a mat that offers a stimulating, engaging environment for children. Activity gyms can also be called tummy time mats. However, they are different in that they have unique features.

Our Deluxe Twist & Fold Activity Gym & Play Mat, for example, includes a mirror and a prop pillow for tummy time. It also has three small toys that can be repositioned to encourage batting and grabbing. The large ring attachments allow these toys to be used separately or with your car seat and stroller. Activity gyms tend to have hanging toys and overreaching arches.

Ball Pits

Ball pits are great for infant sitters, newborns, and toddlers. Two unique baby play mats can be converted into sensory-stimulating, fun ball pits. The Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit has forty balls that can be stored inside the turtle’s head. Four adorable sea buddies delight children with a peekaboo mirror, grasping rings, textured teether and rattle.


Playtime Teepees for toddlers and young children are growing in popularity. The Grow-With-Me Playtime Teepee, Infant to Toddler Play Gym and Fun Teepee are multi-functional gyms that can be used as play mats or will grow with your child into a fun teepee as they get older.

Four hanging toys and a large mirror mobile encourage infants and newborns to explore overhead, and help them develop their grasping and reaching skills. For little ones, the musical elephant’s ears is a great addition to tummy time. You can close one side of the gym to make a crawl-through tunnel for your baby as soon as they start to crawl. To make a playtime teepee for toddlers or young children, open the sides of the gym. This mat will provide hours of entertainment and fun for the whole family.

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