What is a Birth Plan?






A birth plan is exactly what it sounds like: a written plan that communicates all your goals and wishes for the time before, during, and after labor and delivery. It allows parents to share their ideal birth scenario. This includes how they would like labor and delivery to unfold if everything goes according to plan.

A birth plan includes your preferences as well as what is practical and feasible. It also considers what your doctor, hospital, or birthing center can accommodate. Some of the details may not be compatible with their birth plans. While some doctors ask expectant parents to complete a birth plan, others will gladly oblige.

Birth plan template

There is no one right way to create a birth plan. Some documents only cover the basics while others go into great detail. Because every mom expects something different, not only about what she wants out of her birth experience, but also what she can expect given her pregnancy history and profile, a birth plan should be customized.

What information should a baby plan contain?

There are many birth plans to choose from, and there are plenty of them. Don’t be afraid to make the right choice for you. It doesn’t matter if you follow a template or create a formal plan. You can simply write down the things that are most important to you and bring them up with your practitioner during your next visit.

Talk about your preferences and listen to your doctor’s thoughts about your labor options. Update your birth plan if you have any questions.

It is a good idea to keep several copies of the approved birth plan by your doctor. You can keep them handy for your nurses during labor and delivery, and the post-birth team.

Requests for labor and delivery

Here you can clarify your preferences regarding how you want labor to go, how you will handle labor pain, and what labor procedures are most comfortable for you. Keep in mind that your preferences might need to change depending on the progress of your labor. These are some possible scenarios or issues you might want to address:

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